A Guide to Gifting a Savvy Grandparent

Finding the perfect gift is hard. Finding the perfect gift for a grandparent is near impossible. They've had enough birthdays to have received all the best and the worst gifts and, while they're probably not expecting anything spectacular, you still have the power to disappoint them! Chances are you'll find something neutral to give to them that will just end up in a draw. Not the worst fate, but a waste of everyone’s time and your money. We’re also at a weird stage in grandparent history. We don’t think of grandparents as tech savvy. But grandparents today are different from those a decade ago. Think about this: there are 40 year old grandparents out there who know as much about technology as you do. So, if you're looking for personalized gifts for grandma or grandpa, here’s what you should consider.

1. The classic picture frame revisited

Grandparents love photos, especially of their grandkids. But we don’t generally print photos anymore, and we have so many of them it’s hard to know what to choose. This is why the digital picture frame is such an intuitive choice. But the digital picture frame has never quite lived up to its hype. After all, you just end up with the same photos cycling through for eternity. Fortunately, there are now updating frames which you can connect to Facebook and Instagram.

2. iPads (and other tablets)

Even for grandparents who aren’t tech savvy, an iPad is a fantastic gift. It’s amazing how intuitive an iPad is. Just about everyone can use it, even if they've never quite mastered the computer. For FaceTime alone it is highly useful, and if they're on Facebook, it’s perfect for keeping up with the rest of the family (and the world).

3. Kindle

A basic Kindle is a wonderful gift for book lovers. Okay, some people will never leave behind the nostalgia associated with printed literature. However, for those whose eyesight has started to deteriorate ever so slightly, and who would love the ability to change the font size, a Kindle is a godsend. And, even if their eyesight is perfect, it still gives them the ability to buy books cheap and store hundreds or thousands of them in one place.

4. Amazon Echo

Another Amazon product that is becoming popular with an older generation is the Amazon Echo. It’s basically Siri for the household. Simply tell it to play music, read audiobooks, explore the TV guide, or even order household items. You can even set it to respond to an emergency command, which is especially useful for those who have potential health problems.

5. Personalized printing

While it might seem like everything is better on a screen, there is still a time for printing. Personalized gifts, such as mugs, t-shirts, or even mouse pads (for those who still use them!) are a failsafe. They mean something without needing to be sophisticated, and show that you care. They won’t light the world on fire, but they'll light a candle in your grandparents’ hearts.