Know All About Lintel Repair

A lintel is a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete or steel across the top of a door or window. They provide additional support to weaker points in the wall of a building. One of the common yet more serious structural wall problems that any building can come across is lintel failure. The lintel failure leads to the cracks in the building. The first step for lintel failure is to know the location where the lintel failure has occurred in the wall. The lintel failure often leads towards the vertical cracks. This article will discuss the types of lintels and cost to repair lintel failures in buildings.

How to spot a faulty lintel?

Sometimes you don’t need to be a structural engineer to spot the lintel failure. The horizontal or vertical cracks near the door and windows are mainly due to the faulty lintel. The rusting rods of the lintel cause cracking near the corners of windows or the doors.

Types of Lintel Repairs:

1-Brick and Masonry Lintels:

This type of lintel failure is easy to repair. You can use helical bars to solve this problem. It is an ideal solution for brick flat arch lintels.

2-Concrete Lintel:

This lintel failure leads to horizontal cracks on the wall. This crack can provide a path to the water. The seeping of water into the wall can make it unstable. There are various concrete repair products that can solve this problem temporarily. The highly recommended solution for this lintel failure is to replace the concrete lintel.

3-Metal Lintels:

Due to the increase in temperature, the metal lintels expand, leading to cracks on the walls. It happens due to poor planning. The easiest way to tackle this problem is to fill the crack with the resin. It will prevent further damage to the wall.

4- Timber Lintels:

The rotting of wood leads to the failure of timber lintels. This can compromise the strength of the wall. The most suitable and durable method to solve this problem is to replace the timber lintels. You should consult a structural repair services provider to solve this problem.


The use of the helical bars is the most cost-effective method for lintel repair. It is a classical method to repair the lintel failure. That’s why almost every Marietta foundation repair provider provides helical bar service. The alternative methods include removing brickwork and mechanically supporting the surrounding masonry. It is a very costly and challenging job. It leads to different aesthetic issues. The repaired part of the wall may look different from the rest of the wall. You may need to repaint the whole wall. That’s why people prefer helical bars for lintel failure.


Faulty lintels lead to the cracking in the walls, which is purely a structural wall problem. There are various methods to deal with it. You should consult a structural repair services provider. They can suggest a cost-effective solution for your problem.

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