3 Reasons to Consider a Pediatric Nurse Career

Statistics show that only 4% of nurse practitioners specialize in pediatrics in the U.S. This presents vast opportunities for nurse practitioners seeking to advance their careers. Still, pediatric care may not be for everyone. It's vital to consider whether you are comfortable working and caring for children. Regardless, the career path has higher job security and income.

1. Flexible Schedule and Job Satisfaction

Every working professional enjoys job flexibility, but it's not common in all careers. Unlike other professions where you work throughout the week, nurses can choose different shifts, allowing you to take weekend vacations and enjoy time with your loved ones. Pediatric nurses working in health organizations often get additional benefits and certifications that help with career growth.

Pediatric nurses have the opportunity to help vulnerable people deal with psychological challenges associated with battling various illnesses. The ability to provide psychological and physical support helps achieve a high sense of fulfillment, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction.

2. Job Options and Salary Benefits

Pediatric nurses have various job options, and you can work in different job settings, including schools, hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices. Nurses in a hospital setting usually work with specific categories of patients. In addition, you can work as a general pediatric nurse and care for different patients in the children's ward.

Some pediatric nurses work in the emergency room or intensive care units caring for critically ill children. On the other hand, you can choose to work in the pediatric rehabilitation department and help rehabilitate kids to prepare them for discharge after spending time in the hospital.

While a regular registered nurse makes up to $60,000 annually, pediatric nurses can make up to $70,000 annually. Therefore, enrolling in an online psych NP program available in Texas can help you specialize in pediatrics and help nurses earn more throughout their careers.

3. Working With Kids and Playing a Supportive Role

Getting along well with kids is an important reason to specialize as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Pediatric nursing professionals have great tactics for dealing with young patients to improve their lives.

Pediatric nurses interact with kids needing psychological and physical care or support. Caring for children's needs and their families builds a special bond that enriches your job experience. Practicing pediatric nurses can also avoid undesirable career paths that may involve working with demanding adult patients that may get violent and uncooperative.

Pediatric nurse practitioners often spend most of their time with the relatives of young patients. And while supporting people close to the young patient can be challenging, it tends to be quite rewarding. It takes patience and good bedside manners to care for concerned parents and provide guidance, support, and professional information. Pediatric nurse practitioners should be present to provide the necessary attention to the patient's caregivers.


Children are important members of society and deserve the best healthcare to help them grow and enjoy life. Pediatric nurses have the duty to help young patients and support their families or caregivers during difficult and stressful times. If you enjoy working with children and have a genuine passion for providing specialized care, pediatric nursing can be an exciting career path.

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