Luxury serviced apartments in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most important commercial destinations in Asia. It is visited by many tourists and businessmen. For many people who need or want to stay longer in Hong Kong, staying in a serviced apartment is the best option, as it offers luxury while offering the "home away from home" experience. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped and ready to move into. Some of the best and most luxurious serviced apartments in Hong Kong are listed below.

Palace of the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is one of the best and most luxurious hotels that also offers service apartments. It is the perfect choice for diplomats and senior executives. There you can enjoy a rooftop pool, games room and gym. The mattresses are so comfortable that it can be difficult to get out of bed.

Pacific Place Apartments

The apartments are connected to the Hotel Conrad. They offer 24-hour room service and entry to the Conrad Health Club and pool.

Bauhinia Furnished Suites

Bauhinia is one of the leading serviced apartment companies in Hong Kong and offers first-class luxury rentals in a central location. They offer apartments with one or two bedrooms and kitchens. Additional extras are roof garden and use of the gym.

Harbor Plaza Metropolis

Harbor Plaza Apartment is close to Hung Hom China Train Station. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Beijing. Both single and double apartments and living rooms are available. The pastel decor of the room gives it an attractive and luxurious look. It is a perfect place for visitors planning to travel to China by train.


It is a relatively small place with avant-garde designs, exposed pipes, and bare walls.

Entrance apartment

These apartments have 499 units. The Gateway Apartments are unique in that they include studios and three-bedroom apartments that are fully furnished and tastefully decorated.

Hong Kong Golden Residence

Located in the premium area of Castle Peak Bay, the hotel offers stunning views of Castle Peak Bay and the Gold Coast Yacht Club Marina. This is a very nice place with luxurious facilities and 24 hour security. You're a traveler. If so, take a look at the top five reasons to skip the hotel and choose an apartment with luxurious amenities.

1. A home away from home - Luxury serviced apartments, also known as apart hotels, corporate and extended-stay hotels, provide travelers with accommodation, not just accommodation. Most hotels are impersonal, but an apartment with luxurious service becomes a home that makes your stay more enjoyable.

2. Benefits for life, freedom and more space: a hotel room can affect your style, but in an apartment with luxury services, you can have the conversation you want. It's like having your own space and facilitating family gatherings, events and reunions (especially when you move out) with separate rooms to live, sleep, eat, relax and work.

3. Ideal for Business Travelers: A luxury serviced apartment is perfect for visitors traveling, doing contract work, managers on a short visit, or colleagues traveling together. By avoiding the "hotel feel" and utilizing amenities like broadband, flat-screen TVs, digital or cable channels, and a fully-equipped kitchen at an all-inclusive price, business travelers will experience an exceptional stay.

4. Save money: luxury serviced apartments are a good budget and lifestyle choice. Prices are per apartment and not per person, so considerable financial savings can be achieved by sharing with colleagues. The luxurious apartments have a fully equipped kitchen so you don't have to eat out all the time.

5. The feel good factor: This can be a great advantage when moving. The first few weeks or months in a new country can be difficult and confusing. A serviced apartment with the space and comfort of a home to mitigate this fit is increasingly recognized as an illustrated investment that balances motivation and effectiveness.


Hong Kong real estate is booming and if you are looking for a job here, first think about renting an apartment in Hong Kong. There are three main rooms here; the main island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The island is generally richer than the other two. Kowloon is comparatively cheaper; However, there are some nice and expensive neighborhoods. The New Territories are not easily accessible through the MTR, but they are very popular with families.

Apartments rent

If you are not familiar with the island, it is better to contact agents to rent an apartment in Hong Kong. Renting a house can be tedious and time consuming. Finding suitable accommodation in your budget depends on the right contacts and negotiations. There are many old and new apartments in Hong Kong. However, it is important to plan well and enlist the help of a reputable agency to help you rent an apartment. First, decide what features you want to have in your home. The apartments are sought by both locals and expats. This is because they are independent and offer luxury and comfort. Due to the diversity of the community, people prefer to live in apartments. The floor you choose depends on your budget. From luxurious high-end apartments to luxurious single, double and 3-bedroom rooms.

Tips for renting apartments

There are a variety of family housing options for renting an apartment in Hong Kong. The main island and Kowloon consist of small old apartments with basic equipment. However, there are numerous new developments with modern amenities. Old floors are bigger and cheaper than new small structures. Individual expats generally choose serviced apartments. You can get cheaper rental deals on HK Island. However, the ferry trip problem discourages most families. Renting apartments in Hong Kong can help you find the right accommodation and advice. Floors on the upper floors of high-rise buildings are more expensive. There are only a few furnished apartments, but you can choose from used furniture or rental cars. It is recommended to take videos and photos of visualizations. Check accessories and supplies before signing the contract.

House for rent

If you want to rent a house in Hong Kong, look for houses with large colonial villas and small apartment buildings. You can choose a house according to your budget. Living in a house with a garden, veranda and garden is a luxury. The island and the Kowloon peninsula have magnificent houses with access roads. The beautiful one or two-story houses generally belong to wealthy people who prefer to live in them. Very few are leased. For most expats and locals, independent houses are not a viable option as rents are very high. However, if you have the money, you can rent an apartment in Hong Kong to find a suitable bungalow.

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