Features to Look for Before Buying a Home with a Basement

Your home search can bring a lot of excitement. When you find the home you love, be sure to get a proper inspection before committing to a purchase. In some areas of the country, basements remain popular. A basement can add ample living space, however, they require a lot of maintenance. If you plan to buy a home with a basement, get a professional to help you look for the right features. During the inspection, you can also expect the representative to search for water damage. You can enjoy a home with a basement when you know how to take good care of it.

Water Damage:
Basements often attract water. The cement walls and floors sit in the ground under your home. Moisture from the surrounding soil can cause a lot of damage to the room if it can enter the small pores of the cement. Look for water stains, mold, and standing water in the basement. You may also see glistening walls from condensation if moisture persists in the basement. The results of your house inspection should indicate if the house has water damage or foundation issues.

If the basement has no damage, look for waterproofing. You can also ask the previous owners if and when they last waterproofed the basement. A quality waterproofing should last about 10 years. If the basement does not have a sealant, schedule an appointment with a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company.

Landscaping and Drainage:
Landscaping plays a big part in basement maintenance. Incoming water from the hose or rainstorm should all drain away from your house. If you see standing water on the property, water may easily damage the basement. Have a professional look for foundation problems or an improper slope of the yard. Plants and flowerbeds should look well-cared for and trees should reside at least 15 feet from the house. Roots from trees can disrupt the soil, causing the foundation to shift. Foundation issues often result in structural damage to the home. Gutters and drain pipes should exist at regular intervals.

Sprinkler and Drainage System:
Sprinkler systems can help maintain moisture levels on the property. If a home has a sprinkler system, it may have healthier soil. If soil becomes too wet or dry, foundation problems can begin. Many homeowners struggle with watering plants properly. With a sprinkler system, you can set it on a timer to keep your yard healthy, thus protecting the foundation and basement. Some homeowners take the extra step and have a french drain installed. A french drain ensures that extra water does not collect near the basement.

When looking for a new home, pay attention to the small details that indicate it remains in good condition. If the home has a basement, you must look closely for clues of water damage. It takes extra work to maintain a basement. Many homeowners rely on waterproofing to help protect the basement. The condition of the yard also contributes to the well-being of a basement. Water should easily drain away from the house to protect the basement and the foundation, Look for quality gutters, proper grading, and a drainage system. A basement works well for families that enjoy extra living or storage space. With proper maintenance, your new basement home can stay dry and beautiful.

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