Texas Lottery Results App Attracts Famous Investors


A Texas mobile lottery application - which has been led by Left Lane Capital, an investment service based in New York - is the very first officially licensed lottery app to be developed by a third-party company in the United States of America.

Going by the name - Jackpocket - the application, which offers the population of Texas and people from nine other states in the US to play a selection of official lottery games, is taking the lottery world by storm. Check out some of the TX lotto results in detail here. Not only do people win huge windfalls of cash, these lottery programs also create billions in cash to contribute towards good causes like charities.

With the app having achieved year-over-year gains in revenue for US lottery systems - in all ten states where it is currently operating - it comes as no surprise that a number of famous faces are already seeing Jackpocket as a great investment opportunity.

Which famous faces has Jackpocket attracted so far?

And with two of the biggest names when it comes to the film industry and world of comedy, American stars - Kevin Hart and Whitney Cummings - having separated with their very-own cash to invest in Jackpocket, they have also been joined by a fellow country person, Mark Cuban.

Cuban, the American billionaire entrepreneur - and owner of basketball’s Dallas Maverick’s - has joined Hart and Cummings as part of the application’s US$120 million investment round.

How will the investment help?

With the rapidly growing application having already proved to be extremely popular amongst its users in the ten states where it currently operates - which includes the likes of New York, Ohio and the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. - the money will for sure be seen as a welcome sight for the app’s future development.

It is believed that the company behind the mobile application - Jackpocket - will look to expand the app’s growth and use the additional funding to do so.

As well as looking to move into new markets - including overseas - the creators of Jackpocket are also interested in putting investment towards the development of new games, marketing opportunities and campaigns - alongside building additional partnerships.

Jackpocket - and its achievements so far

Having already proved to be an important player in bringing in revenue for the lottery systems - in the ten states where Jackpocket is currently being used - there are also a number of achievements that the application has made.

This includes partnering with the National Football League (NFL) for advertising purposes and becoming the first ever digital lottery service to do so, as well as having awarded the largest cash price (US$9.4 million) - when it comes to mobile gaming - to one of the app’s users in the state of New Jersey.

How does Jackpocket actually work?

Jackpocket is an easy-to-use mobile application that allows its users to order state lottery tickets through the app. The ticket orders - requested by users - are then purchased and processed, with a copy of the actual printed lottery ticket being viewable in the mobile application itself. The user will also receive an email confirmation which states the serial numbers of the ticket - or multiple tickets - that were requested for purchase.

If your lottery ticket is successful and qualifies for a cash prize, you will be credited your winnings through the app - with these going straight into your Jackpocket user account. However, if your winnings are of a somewhat substantial sum of money, you will receive the physical winning ticket - which will be securely delivered to you - for you to claim your cash prize with the lottery commission in your state.

In conclusion

With Jackpocket having already made a huge name for itself in the lottery world, it is in no way a shock - or surprise - that those from the world of the rich and famous are looking to invest in the mobile application, with many predicting the app to go onto even bigger and better things.

If partnering with one of the world’s biggest sport leagues - the NFL - was not already enough for the lottery-based application, Jackpocket is looking to further grow its market - which has become somewhat of an entertainment hit with those under forty-five (sixty-seven percent of its users are under the age of forty-five).

The app has already proved to be of huge success in the ten states that is currently available in - within the United States of America - particularly in Texas, where twenty-five percent of the app’s revenue came from in the second business quarter.

And with it’s ever-increasing popularity, there is little to doubt that the application will soon break into international markets, especially with the increased level of investment from other famous faces around the globe.