What are the main health risks of vaping?

Every day, on the streets of cities, we see people exhaling a large amount of steam, using special devices for this.
Vaping is the process of smoking an electronic cigarette, vaporizers, and other similar devices.
Vapes - electronic cigarettes, mini-hookahs.
Vapers are a new type of smokers who do not smoke regular cigarettes, but electronic cigarettes, promoting the smoking of electronic devices as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes.
Vaping is a unique trend among young people, smokers join in groups, buy various devices for steam, which are being improved every day, gaining a new design and new aromatic properties (with the taste of cherries, mint, apple, lemon, coffee, etc.). The devices look like small boxes with a nozzle or long decorated metal cylinders, and may even have an exclusive design. In large cities, vape cafes open, vape festivals, competitions are held.

Vapers are divided into two groups:
1) Former smokers of regular cigarettes
2) New "electronic" smokers
The goals of smokers of best vape pen (discover this):
- Stop smoking regular cigarettes
- To get rid of the smell of tobacco;
- "healthy" relaxation;
- Psychological habit;
- For the sake of an interesting conversation;
- For the purpose of spectacle (vapers release large puffs of smoke, some can make of this show).
Vapers believe that smoking electronic cigarettes is not harmful to health because when smoking tar is not emitted. What do we really have?
Specialists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory determined which toxic substances are produced by smoking electronic cigarettes. Sometimes liquid for e-cigarettes is prepared manually; such liquid is many times cheaper and accessible to everyone. On this product, there is no information about the composition. The vape pen contains 31 dangerous substances. When the battery of a steam device is heated, the concentration of carcinogenic substances increases significantly.

Effects on the body:
1) Vapers expose themselves to the risk of developing a deadly "popcorn disease." This conclusion was made by scientists, having discovered the toxic chemical diacetyl in 75% of flavorings for smoking. Diacetyl is used in many flavorings (fruit flavor, the smell of confectionery, sweets). Diacetyl, a chemical used as the flavor of butter in food, has led to the development of bronchiolitis obliterans. This disease was discovered by employees of a popcorn manufacturing company. This substance can be eaten, but if inhaled for a long time, it becomes dangerous. Diacetyl causes inflammation, scarring, and narrowing of the bronchioles (tiny airways in the lungs)
2) Propylene glycol tends to accumulate in the body, causing allergic reactions, irritation and contributes to the appearance of ulcers, causing disruption of the liver and kidneys.
3) the thermal decomposition of propylene glycol and glycerol contained in the composition of the liquid for filling the best vape pens leads to the formation of acrolein and formaldehyde, which have toxic properties. Acrolein irritates the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract, causes lacrimation, and also exhibits mutagenic properties. Formaldehyde, in addition to the listed features, has an effect on the central nervous system.
4) Flavors contained in the liquid for smoking cause allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract up to the development of bronchial asthma
5) The nicotine contained in liquids is addictive, and also leads to the development of cancer
6) Inhaled smoke causes dry mouth
7) Uncontrolled inhalation of steam containing nicotine can lead to an overdose of nicotine with similar symptoms: dizziness, nausea, headache, increased salivation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, general weakness.
8) Korean scientists conducted a study of e-liquid and found at least ten toxins and a mismatch between the declared nicotine content and the actual one.
9) Replacing the smoking of regular cigarettes with electronic cigarettes can extend the period of complete cessation of smoking.
10) It is known about some cases that exploded near the face of the best vape pen for e-liquid due to overheating of the battery
11) Shared use of one vape can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases such as hepatitis and tuberculosis
12) Using a device for soaring in public places, among children and young people there is a high risk of setting a contagious example, and perhaps those who did not smoke at all will start smoking from this vaporizing device.
13) Smoking vapes cause psychological dependence.

Who should never smoke electronic cigarettes of any kind?
- Pregnant women
- Allergies
- Persons under the age of 18
- non-smokers

Every smoker of electronic devices must know that:
- Smoking soaring devices is not an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes
- Smoking electronic devices can cause cancer, lung and heart disease
- Smoking electronic devices do not exclude nicotine addiction
- Shared use with a single device can lead to hepatitis and tuberculosis infections.
Studies have shown that the vapor exhaled when using an e-cig contains not only water but also, depending on the product, various toxins, and nicotine.
Particles of different metals were found in the vapors of electronic cigarettes. For example, iron, silver, tin, nickel, aluminum, copper, lead, and chromium.
For this reason, preventive measures should be taken concerning the potential risks associated with electronic cigarettes, both among vapers and among people around them.
Manufacturers of vape pens adopted the term "vaping" (eng. - letting out steam) to make the vaper feel like it was not talking about smoking. Actually, the human body reacts to an electronic cigarette in much the same way as to a regular one.
Another advantage of alternative nicotine delivery systems is the almost complete absence of harm from second-hand smoke. Unlike smoke, electron vapor completely dissolves in the air within 10 seconds. When puffed, the vaporizer user consumes up to 99% of the nicotine contained in the liquid.
That is why you can calmly soar in the company of friends and not worry about their well-being.
Soaring is far from teenage entertainment, so a responsible user approach to the choice of fluids can eliminate 99% of the risks that you read horror stories on the Internet.

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