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Books The Hill Country is the subject of or setting for dozens of books. Here is our list, which includes novels, guides, and books on technical subjects. Enjoy and tell us about other titles that should be listed here.

For your convenience, some of these books are available for on-line purchase via at outstanding prices. Just click the direct links.

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HILL COUNTRY BOOKS (all except cookbooks)

The Texas White House - A Photographic Tour of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnsons Home on the LBJ Ranch, by Russ Whtlock, former park superintendent, who shares stories told him by friends, associates and family of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson. In his soft-cover book the stories are woven around beautiful photographs of the home's interior. Both floors are featured in the book that reveals the special place the Johnsons called "their heart's home."

Hunt, Texas . . the early years . . 1857-1959, by Jeanne Sutton. Includes snapshots of events in and around Hunt that gives this small Texas town its rich heritage vested in the schools, mail service, churches, stores, camps, lodges, cafes, organizations, wars, floods and more, all of which have forged Hunt into the community that it is today. 150+ pages of fully referenced text and 59 period photos.

Blanco County Mysteries (Johnson City) Comic Mysteries Series, by Ben Rehder: Bone Dry; Buck Fever; Bum Steer; Flat Crazy; Gun Shy; Guilt Trip; Hog Heaven; Holy Moly; Mind Game; Point Taken; Stag Party

Camper's Guide To Texas Parks & Lakes, by Mickey Little

Hiking & Backpacking Trails of Texas, by Mickey Little

True Women, By Janice Woods Windle. "Inspired by Windle's family's history in Texas and the Hill Country, from pioneers to politicians. The novels offer fictionalized glimpses into the state's history, from the 1800s on. True Women was adapted as a TV movie in 1997 and starred Angelina Jolie."

Hill Country: A Novel, by Janice Woods Windle. "Inspired by Windle's family's history in Texas and the Hill Country, from pioneers to politicians. The novels offer fictionalized glimpses into the state's history, from the 1800s on."

Walking Hill Country Towns: 38 Unique Walks, by Diane Capito. "This guidebook features 38 carefully-mapped walks in 26 towns in the picturesque Hill Country. Itineraries take you along familiar main streets, then down the unbeaten byways that so often define a town's soul. A wealth of local historical detail available in no other single volume tells of the people behind the landmarks."

The Texas Hill Country, A Food and Wine Lover's Paradise, by Terry Thompson-Anderson, 2008. "Takes readers on a gustatory tour of this picturesque Central Texas region of rolling hills, spring-fed streams, and good eats. One of the state's most popular travel destinations, the Hill Country is fast becoming a magnet for agricultural tourism. Visitors come here to follow the lavender trails, pick peaches and apples, buy fresh-pressed olive oil, sample the offerings at award-winning wineries, and have a meal in the unique eateries--from chic restaurants with world-class dishes on the menu to back-country roadhouses famous for barbecue and hamburgers. Professional chef and cookbook author Terry Thompson-Anderson has explored every corner of the eighteen-county region, with its quaint communities and specialty farms, and discovered more than one hundred establishments that are sure to please the palate. More than a travel guide, the book is also filled with recipes that she has gathered from proprietors or developed using local food products. Sandy Wilson's stunning full-color photographs capture the diversity of the Hill Country eating experience, with its berry patches and orchards, roadside stands, artisan bakeries, boutique wineries, and vast array of restaurants serving both traditional and haute cuisine. Welcome to the rich bounty of the Hill Country, where you're in for some remarkable food finds. If this is your first visit, we bet it won't be your last!"

The Captured, by Scott Zesch. Fascinating stories of children captured by Indians in central Texas. Llano, Gillespie, Mason counties and more. Photos. 362 pages.

Walking Hill Country Towns: 38 Unique Walks in the Texas Hill Country, by Diane Capito, 2001

Backroads of the Texas Hill Country: Your Guide to the Most Scenic Adventures, by Gary Clark, 2008

Texas Hill Country, by John Graves and Wyman Meinzer, 2003

Yesterday in the Texas Hill Country, by Gilbert J. Jordan, 1995

Trees, Shrubs, And Vines Of The Texas Hill Country: A Field Guide, by Jan Wrede, 2005

Hill Country, by Richard Zelade, 1999

The German Settlement of the Texas Hill Country, by Jefferson Morgenthaler, 2007

Texas Hill Country, by Richard Reynolds, 1996

Austin, San Antonio & the Texas Hill Country: Great Destinations: A Complete Guide, by Amy K. Brown, 2007

Lone Star Living: Texas Homes and Ranches, by Tyler Beard and Jack Parsons, 2003

Moon Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country, by Justin Marler, 2009

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: San Antonio and Austin: Includes the Hill Country, by Tom Taylor and Johnny Molloy, 2007

Great Destinations The Texas Hill Country Book, Second Edition, by Eleanor S. Morris, 2000

The Texas Hill Country Book: A Complete Guide, Third Edition, by Eleanor S. Morris, 2003

Best Hikes With Dogs: Texas Hill Country And Coast, by Melissa Gaskill, 2006. "55 dog-friendly hikes throughout the Lonestar State's Hill Country and Gulf Coast regions. All trails within driving distance of Austin, San Antonio, Houston. Terrain that's hazard-free and easy on the paws. What to pack for your pooch-the Ten Canine Essentials and the Doggy First-Aid Kit. A native Texan, Melissa Gaskill has spent more than 20 years hiking and camping with her dogs all over the Lonestar State. In this new guidebook, she shares her favorite hikes in the Hill Country and Coast areas that are sure to delight both you and your pet. The hikes range from short jaunts to longer, challenging trails. Discover everything from rugged hills with limestone cliffs and rolling terrain, to wide-open areas with brush and cactus, to the coastal plain with its grasslands and pine forests. For each hike, leash regulations and availability of water are noted, along with any trail concerns pertinent for your dog. Advice is given on topics such as proper canine trail etiquette, wildlife encounters, and weather concerns. There's also a handy Trail Finder chart that lists hikes by length, terrain, difficulty for dogs, and more. Melissa Gaskill has written for newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years on a variety of topics, including travel, outdoors, parenting, and more. Her two enthusiastic trail companions are Keeper, a Labrador retriever, and Max, a mixed-breed adopted from an animal shelter. She lives in Austin with her husband, three children, and two dogs."

25 Bicycle Tours in the Texas Hill Country & West Texas: Adventure Rides for Road and Mountain Bikes, by Norman D. Ford, 1995

Grasses of the Texas Hill Country: A Field Guide, by Brian Loflin and Shirley Loflin, 2006

Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country, by Marshall Enquist, 1989

Fly-Fishing the Texas Hill Country, by B. L. Priddy, 1994

Texas Heartland: A Hill Country Year, by Jim Bones, 1975

Rand Mcnally 2009 Hill Country, Texas, by Rand McNally and Company, 2008

Birds of the Texas Hill Country, by Mark W. Lockwood, 2001

Harder than Hardscrabble: Oral Recollections of the Farming Life from the Edge of the Texas Hill Country, by Thad Sitton, 2004

The Devil's Backbone: Ghost Stories from the Texas Hill Country, by Bert Wall, 1996. Folk tales swarm around this paranormal location deep in the heart of Central Texas, and this book documents some of them.

Be Still My Heart, by Suzanne Mason, 2007

Coming to Terms: The German Hill Country of Texas, by Wendy Watriss, Lawrence Goodwyn, and Fred Baldwin, 1991

Hill Country Backroads: Showing the Way in Comal County, by Laurie E. Jasinski, 2001

Texas Hill Country, by George Oxford Miller, 1991

Hill Country Chronicles: Sophisticated Tales of Life in the Texas Hill Country, by John Pape, 1993

The Texas Hill Country: The best kept secret! : fun things to do, to see, great food & more, by Eula W Boardman, 1989

Hill Country - Texas Monthly Guidebook, by Richard Zelade (Paperback - Jan 1, 1997)

A President's Country-a Guide to the Hill Country of Texas, (Hardcover - 1964), by Lawrence (Essay by Goodwyn)

Eyes of Texas Travel Guide Hill Country, by Ray Miller (Paperback - 1980)

The Texas Monthly Guidebooks Hill Country, Completely Revised 3rd Edition, by Richard Zelade, 1991

Hill Country Revisited, by J. Roy White, 1977

American Auto Trail-Texas' U.S. Highway 281, by Lyn Wilkerson, 2008

The Lore and Legend of the Texas Hill Country, by William J Campion, 1975

Celebrate Austin and the Texas Hill Country, 1990

Growing up in the Hill Country, by Paul G Haines, 1976

This Favored Place: The Texas Hill Country, by Elroy Bode, 1983

Early Archaic Life at the Sleeper Archaeological Site 41BC65 of the Texas Hill Country, Blanco County, Texas, by LeRoy Johnson, 1991

Exclusive Profile of Governor and Mrs. Bush Celebrate Austin and the Texas Hill Country, 1993

Hill Country State Natural Area: A survey of high traffic and high potential areas, Bandera and Medina Counties, Texas, by Jeff Turpin, 1994

What Do You Do All Day Out There? Or Retired In The Texas Hill Country at 49, by Howard M. Randall, 1979

Hill Country Music: Popular Music and Musicians In and Near Austin, Texas, 1968-1974, by Patricia Gayle Tyler, 1974

Hill Country Folk: The Willmann-Nies-KnoIlle family in Germany and Texas, by Terry G Jordan, 1992

The Unlikely Lavender Queen, A Memoir of Unexpected Blossoming, by Jeannie Ralston, 2008

Cultural geography 238: Field trip to the Hill Country, by Robert R Wheelee, 1971

LBJ's-Texas-White-House-Hearts, by Hal Rothman, 2001


Pastry Queen: Royally Good Recipes from Texas Hill Country's Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe,by Rebecca Rather (Hardcover - 2004)

Potluck On The Pedernales, Down Home Cooking From Deep In The Heart of LBJ Country, by the Community Garden Club of Johnson City, 1991

Potluck On The Pedernales, Down Home Cooking From Deep In The Heart of LBJ Country, Second Edition, by the Community Garden Club of Johnson City, 1993

Texas Cooking (Texas Hill Country Series #1), by Lisa Wingate, 2003

The Texas Hill Country Cookbook: A Taste of Province
, by Scott Cohen and Marian Betancourt, 2008



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