7 Tips to Have an Unforgettable Vacation Experience


Although there are many popular vacation destinations around the world with amazing beaches, crystal clear waters, historic attractions and fun things to do, you're not guaranteed of an amazing experience. There's a lot that goes into planning for a successful vacation that is less talked about.

Here are 7 tips you can follow if you plan to have an unforgettable vacation experience:

• Book early – Sailing is a great way to see the world. Sailing means you can enjoy beautiful beaches. Thus, timing is everything. For instance, if you want to visit Croatia, you must understand the seasons and make your booking early.

It is advisable to book as far ahead as 6 months or more, depending on how long you plan to stay away. When booking, look at airfare sales and try to find out what type of prices they apply to. Also see about getting travel insurance which covers trip cancellation and medical expenses among other benefits.

• Know where you want to go – Take time to do a little research about your vacation destination rather than mentioning an entire country. The reason for this is simple; most vacation destinations are usually part of a specific region within a country. Sometimes, different regions will be characterised by their own unique culture and activities.

Staying with Croatia, you could consider going to Dubrovnik specifically instead of traveling throughout the country, since you would likely save money by staying in just one area. You’ll be surprised at the number of things you can do while vacation here. From private sailing with rented boats to reliving history through ancient attractions among other things.

• Consider using public transport to get around - Most cities have pretty good bus systems with routes running every few minutes during peak hours. In most places, public transport buses cover vast distances quickly and provide an opportunity to observe parts of town that you're likely to miss when using other means.

Buses sometimes run past tourist attractions, giving you a chance to notice them without paying extra to enter. Just keep in mind that if you buy tickets online, then you won't receive printed copies, which means buying them beforehand isn't necessary. Instead, check out the route map on the website to familiarise yourself with stops along the way.

• Be flexible with dates – For most destinations, the best time to visit most destinations is between June and September. This allows for warm days but still plenty of sunshine, less crowds, lower accommodation costs, cheaper food and shorter queues. However, be aware that the weather will vary greatly according to location. Always look out for important information to ensure better planning.

• Don't rely solely on GPS - Though mapping apps on smartphones are convenient, they're not perfect. They can sometimes give wrong directions if you don't speak the language properly, or if you're unfamiliar with streets in certain cities. If you use an app, make sure you understand your settings and turn off "automatic" mode when using offline maps. Because of this, I suggest carrying paper maps around wherever you go.

• Go frugal – It is almost obvious that you have saved enough by the time you’re thinking of going on vacation. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of discounts and make some savings! It could be discounts on accommodation or shopping for specific brands. You can also bargain with vendors as some are willing to offer discounts when you ask.

• Have an itinerary – One of the mistakes you can make is to go on vacation without an itinerary. While being spontaneous is good, not having a clear plan could mean missing out on certain things or spending too much time in some places. An itinerary helps to eliminate guesswork and ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

As you gather information about your preferred vacation destination, pay attention to important information like safety standards, yacht and boat rentals, weather patterns and other general information that could affect your vacation. It is advisable to look at local websites as they offer comprehensive information.

A lot of advice is out there on how to make your next vacation a success. We have highlighted the most important tips to help you in planning for your next vacation. Following these tips will help you save time and money while creating the best memories you can ever think of. After all, who wouldn’t want a hassle free experience? Now go on and start planning for your next adventure.

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